Best of Strange Horizons

 Lethe Press, December 2003, 360 pp., $15, ISBN 1590210360

A speculative fiction anthology, edited by Mary Anne Mohanraj — order
it from Amazon.


  • Strange New Horizons, by Mary Anne Mohanraj
  • A Winter’s Tale, by Nora M. Mulligan
  • Last Call in Temperance, by Alan DeNiro
  • Ghost Lakes, by David C. Kopaska-Merkel
  • Grief, by Wendy Rathbone
  • Explosions, by Michael J. Jasper
  • Medusa at Morning, by Beth Bernobich
  • A Gardener Betrayed by Roses, by Benjamin Rosenbaum
  • The Medieval Agricultural Year, by Rachel Hartman
  • Discovering the Earth in Earthsea: Ursula K. Le Guin’s Tales
    from Earthsea
    , by Christopher Cobb


  • Sittin’ a Spell at Miz Love’s, by Nancy Proctor
  • Words of Love, Soft and Tender, by Mark Rudolph
  • The Heat of the Moon, by Gary Lehmann
  • Exogenous Origins of Life, by Dr. Max Bernstein
  • Frank Herbert’s Dune: It can be filmed!, by Fred Bush
  • Icarus, by Wendy A. Shaffer
  • In a Mirror, by Kim Fryer
  • One-Eyed Jack, by Connie Wilkins
  • Surreal Domestic, by Bruce Boston
  • Sophisticated Renaissance Fantasy: The Astrology, Necromancy, and
    Phytomancy of Melissa Scott’s & Lisa Barnett’s Point of
    , by Rob


  • Major-League Entertainment: Moore & O’Neill’s The League of
    Extraordinary Gentlemen
    , by Bryan A. Hollerbach
  • A Private Unbinding of Time, by James Allison
  • The Palm Tree Bandit, by Nnedi Okorafor
  • The God of the Crossroads, by Tim Pratt
  • The Bridge Between Truth/Death and Power/Knowledge: Ted Chiang’s “72
    Letters”, by Greg Beatty
  • Passing Through, by Kurt Newton
  • The Fen-Queen’s Bride, by P. K. Graves
  • Something on the Bed, by D. K. Latta
  • accidental series, by Charles Coleman Finlay
  • Harrowing Urban Fantasy: Robert Charles Wilson’s
    The Perseids and Other Stories, by John Aegard
  • Can a TV Tie-In Novel Achieve Excellence? Jeanne Cavelos’s The
    Passing of the Techno-Mages
    , by R Michael Harman
  • Eliyahu ha-Navi, by Max Sparber
  • The Green Corn Dance, by Emily Gaskin
  • In the Shade of the Tree of Knowledge, by Michael
  • Love Versus Corruption in a Psychological Space Opera: C.J. Merle’s
    Of Honor and Treason, by Christopher Cobb
  • If the Dead Must Speak, by Ward Kelley
  • I Know Why Sales Clerks Fall From the Sky, by
    Mark Heath
  • Little Brother (TM), by Bruce Holland Rogers
  • Voodoo Corner Bus Stop, by Nancy Ellis Taylor
  • Alien or Human? Humanity’s Orphan Children in Scott Mackay’s The
    by Greg Beatty
  • Kubrick’s A.I. and Square’s Final Fantasy:
    Plastics for the People,
    by Danyel Fisher & R Michael Harman
  • A Tale of Collaboration, by Marge Simon & Bruce
  • With Open Eyes, by Cecilia Tan
  • Interview: Pamela Dean, by Mary Anne Mohanraj
  • Interview: Gary A. Braunbeck, by Lucy A. Snyder
  • Late for Dinner, by Ursula Pflug
  • Toaster of the Gods, by Randall Coots