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Literary Markets

My main focus here is on fiction, but many of these literary/mainstream markets also publish poetry and nonfiction. Comments from anyone other than myself in "quotes".

Tiered listings are followed by detailed market info. The tiering assessments are highly idiosyncratic, based on a combination of pay scale, reputation, and circulation; it's rather difficult to tell which magazines are actually most prestigious. If you disagree with a particular publication's tier listing, please don't get upset -- just write and let me know why, and there's a good chance that I'll adjust it. (Note: I don't have time to keep this list up properly -- I have at least a hundred backlogged edits to make to it. If you're interested in helping me update it, please let me know. Long-term, I think making it a freely-editable wiki may be the right way to go, although I'm not sure how to keep people from just up-tiering their favorite pubs...)

Thanks to Ben Rosenbaum, Toiya K. Finley, Alan DeNiro, and Paul Ketzle for extensive market listing help.

-- Mary Anne

O. Henry Award Magazine Index

LAST UPDATED -- March 22, 2006

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