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Well, I wrote, but it was like pulling teeth. Normally I write around 1000 words / hour -- today, it was 1000 words in three hours. Frustrating. Not so thrilled with the words either -- I was trying t...
6:30: put away kids' laundry, find an extra outfit for sending to school with Anand, get them dressed and breakfasted 7:30: drive them to school (Anand isn't allowed to take the bus on the first da...
I think beef and potato curry is my touchstone food. It was my favorite dish of my mother's, it's the first thing I really learned to cook, and even though that was twenty years ago, I still end up de...
We got to go home around 4 yesterday, when the coin moved into Anand's stomach. Now we're just waiting for it to pass naturally, but he should be fine. The two hours of weeding this morning were a...
He's fine, but Anand swallowed a quarter while I was at work. He told Kevin, and Kev took him to the emergency room. I met them a few hours later, and they've now transferred me and Anand to Rush (nea... (2 comments)

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