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My contributor copies of Chicks Dig Gaming have arrived! Ironic timing for this book's release, considering ‪#‎gamer gate‬. "I am twelve years old in 1983, playing Wizardry obsess...
Autumn photos. My house framed by yellow leaves, fall crocuses coming up, a glorious huge white dahlia. The reward for raking leaves is taking photos afterwards. Fall crocus, opened. Toad ...
About six (?) months ago, Kat gifted me these birdie decals from IKEA. It is a testament to how rarely my mudroom is clean enough to photograph that it has taken me this long to post pics of them. Th... (1 comment)
I am having local desi artists over for a potluck @ 1 today, and I'm just bewildered, because I am not frantically cooking. I mean, I'm going to make two quiches (one broccoli-cheddar, one green chili...
Nice little write-up on Tuesday's DeKalb library event -- thanks for inviting me out, Lynne!...

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