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Cancer log 141: I only have two classes left for the semester, but I've just decided to let my co-teachers take the last one, which feels like a cop-out because I *could* teach it, but people, I am ti...
Thinking about war stories and gender after last night's reading. It's a quiet little story, "Safe," -- the story of the war's effect on one person. I keep wanting to write these stories, stories ab...
Cancer log 140: It turned out that the reason my wait was so long today is that the receptionist at the Day Hospital who checked me in for chemo had accidentally put my papers in the wrong pile, so th...
Plan for today: Watch Castle, go to radiation, teach classes, do a half hour of paperwork in office, go to gym and swim (the last week has been a little sedentary with lots of sitting and grading, and...
Carmen Machado​ is the winner of the 2015 Diverse Writers and Diverse Worlds Grants From the Speculative Literature Foundation Fiction writer, critic and essayist Carmen Maria Machado has re...

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