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Paint colors. Everyone has an opinion on paint colors, right? Here's the situation. We've added the new windows to the kids' playroom, which is a converted third-floor attic, full of steeply slanted r...
The weather was totally stunning today (72 and sunny), so after a morning of cleaning and organizing the playroom (completely done, for the first time since, oh, since we moved in, go us!), the kids a...
A very delayed house project finally happened yesterday -- we added two new small windows to the kids' playroom (part of the finished attic), alleviating the gloom. We should've done it in the initial...
I have nothing scheduled today, for the first time in quite a while. Well, nothing beyond watching Kavi and Kat's kids starting @ 11 (half-day at school, due to conferences), and Neha coming by in th...
Can I tell you, it is both incredibly frustrating and incredibly satisfying teaching the early American literature survey course? I mean, on the one hand, we are just dipping into one text after anot...

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