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Cancer log 90: Slept poorly last night, though the meds mostly kept the nausea at bay -- just kept waking up, sometimes with very weird dreams. I'm teaching post-colonial lit. in the fall, and in one ...
We are delighted to announce that Arkansas writer Michael Fontana and Massachusetts writer Deborah (DK) McCutchen have received the 2014 Older Writers Grants from the Speculative Literature Foundation...
Plan for today: breakfast, get the children off to camp and preschool. Post a recipe to the cookbook club on Patreon, for tangy peppered beef stew (a slightly Sri Lankan version of a regular British...
Cancer log 89: Okay, so after the first round of chemo yesterday, I was fine for a few hours, and then started feeling quite queasy. I took the milder anti-nausea meds I had on hand, which frankly, ...
Cancer log 88: I'd forgotten how great super-short hair feels. The woman at the salon was hilarious -- I walked in and said I wanted a pixie cut, and she looked at me and asked, "Are you going to cry?... (1 comment)

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