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Someone asked me recently if the Fitbit actually gets me to walk more. Yes, definitely. Today was a good example -- aside from walking Anand to preschool, I basically sat at my computer all day. Very ...
Am I the only person who only enjoys making sugar cookies if I break it into three separate days? Granted, I make a double batch when I do it, but still -- it just feels arduous unless I break it up ...
Okay, plan for today. Get Anand fed and to preschool. 8:30 - 12:30, turn off Facebook, get some writing done. Kat and hopefully Amanda will come by to work with, and maybe Jontisha&...
We've finally instituted automated time limits on the kids' electronics, which we've been meaning to do forever, to avoid arguments about whether it's time for the screens to go off -- Kavya is having...
My students kindly gave me permission to share these pics with you. In my postcolonial lit. class, we spend a little while talking about industrialization, the shift from home to factory work, and th... (1 comment)

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