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Finished my summer re-watch of West Wing. Good convalescent fare, generally heartening (although the weaker episodes did stand out more the third time through). Was struck at the end by how much em... (1 comment)
I am a terrible, terrible patient. I get so angry and frustrated at my limitations right now. I have to rest after doing something like getting up to get a glass of water, or moving from the couch to ...
Woke up after many hours of sleep, felt totally normal and healthy for about fifteen minutes -- and then I got out of bed, and whoops, there's the chemo shakiness back again. Sigh. Still, hopeful th...
Cancer log 109: Several people offered to come with us to the beach next time, which is very nice of them, but I think one thing I didn't mention about the whole beach trip is that my favorite part w...
Kicking water never gets old. Kavya could use a new swimsuit, but oh well -- next summer. Slicing half a small watermelon to bring with you in the cooler is totally worth the trouble; we devoured it a...

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