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It is grey and I am weirdly tired and I'm at home today and there is such a temptation to just futz around on the internet all day. But I am also feeling stressed out at how behind I am on e-mail and ...
When you wake up from a long, tense, complicated, plot-heavy dream, your heart racing, and for a half second you think -- "I have *got* to make notes on this; it would make a great novel." And then y...
Kavya: Mommy, I'm ready to get out of the bath. Anand: I'm ready too! Me: I'll be there in a minute. Anand: We get another minute in the bath! Kavya: Another minute? To waste away our lives in thi...
Forsythia (they're new, so had been all tied up in a bundle; they'll arch more after a bit, I think). The scilla in the backyard are a stretch of about 2' x 8' through the grass, which I love -- now I...
My First Jury Duty 1. As a still-new-ish citizen of these United States, I am, at age forty-two, being called up to jury duty for the first time. I am oddly excited by the whole prospect. The fac...

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