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Took two minutes away from Kavi's oatmeal this morning so she could make a little fingerprint card for the grandparents. Thanks, Pinterest! :-) I love it when your adorable ideas are so quick, easy,...
So, I tried to teach Kat how to make Sri Lankan milk toffee today, but as I warned her, it only comes out right for me about half the time. Today was no exception -- it started out fine, but partway t...
I brought my hanging baskets inside last night, and I admit, I was a little anxious about going out to see what the snow had made of the flowers in the yard. But luckily, they all seem to have come th...
Started discussion of The Left Hand of Darkness today. We talked about Le Guin's choice to use Genly Ai, a human, as a viewpoint character into the culture of mostly non-gendered aliens of the planet ...
I'm finding it surprisingly difficult, getting my students to connect with the 70s feminist fiction we're reading. I think the problem is that most of them haven't encountered much overt sexism yet. ... (1 comment)

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