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I'm a third of the way through the novel, fretting that my protagonist doesn't do enough, doesn't take enough action. But she's only 23, and I think it's a function of her being half my age that I'm h...
I keep thinking about how we didn't make Anand stay to sing last night at his preschool concert, because he was too scared. And there are all those studies that say first children achieve more than l...
Me, startled to come into Anand's bedroom and find him getting dressed. Anand: "Mommy, I don't want to hurt your feelings, but sometimes you are a little demanding." He went to on to explain to ... (2 comments)
Now that's a nice way to start the day. My story, "Communion," published in Clarkesworld, has been selected for Gardner Dozois's Year's Best Science Fiction 32 anthology. It's in the same universe a...
Plan for today: drive Kavi to school (instead of bus) because everyone needed more sleep, put away a load of laundry, catch up on Jaggery e-mail, sort photos and order photo album for grandparents, ba...

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