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World-building question. Trying to figure out population numbers for my recently-settled planet. Assume they arrive with a high level of technology: space flight, gene tech, etc. Also wealth. But...
I wish I had a proper 'before' picture -- you must imagine this little strip of yard just COVERED in weeds taller than I am. We've been debating what to do with it, and since the weeds are so happy t...
Good morning! I am trying to motivate to get moving -- it's not happening yet. Apparently, all I want to do is watch Firefly re-runs and knit. Maybe another cup of tea. And here's a little echinacea f...
Kavya: This is the best night ever! MA: Aren't you tired? (It is now a good hour past bedtime, as we prep for Anand's morning balloon and present surprise.) Kavya: It's just SO EXCITING! I think...
25,000 words into the new novel, and the lovely agent suggests that it might be a good time to switch into another POV, to get a larger perspective on the war. HE HAS GIVEN ME PERMISSION TO SWITCH ... (1 comment)

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