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Heading off to teach. First John Chu, Ted Chiang, Alice Sola Kim. Then Crane, Bierce, Dreiser, Chopin. Feeling grateful for thoughtful, nuanced, angry, precise writing today....
I have come to the realization that a woman and a mother should NOT re-read Kate Chopin's The Awakening the week of Thanksgiving....
Writing day. Had lunch with Valya, Mary Robinette, Julie, Kat, and new writer friend Amanda, with wine and curry and sweets and fruit and good conversation. Now writing with tea. Tippy-tippy-typing aw...
I have friends coming for writing and lunch today, so I ought to be cooking. But the weather is mild now, and will be dropping rapidly over the course of the day -- I have about a two hour window befo...
Whomever scheduled NaNoWriMo was not a mother. Probably not a woman at all. If you’re going to write a novel in a month, November may be the worst month to try it in. Sandwiched between costum...

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