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Had a lovely Italian dinner with Cory Doctorow, Diana Pho, Sherri L. Smith, and two writers whose names I never quite learned, which is frustrating because it was a great conversation. Also lots of ot...
Last week I hit 50,000 in the novel manuscript. I had hoped to charge ahead, but on reflection (and after due consultation with my amazing agent), I think now is the time to go back. I'm a littl...
Still itching! So, I don't think it's the adhesive, because I'm having reactions to what I think are three different adhesives -- the original cloth tape, the paper tape, and the steri-strips. The lat...
Cancer log 58: One should perhaps not over-exert after getting a port placed. It's minor surgery, but it's still surgery. I came home and rested, I swear -- I napped for an hour, watched tv for a c... (3 comments)
Tomorrow I go to AnomalyCon (schedule below), a steampunk / alternate history convention in Denver. Apparently, there is a fair bit of cosplay. I will pack my goggles and my spice belt and boots, bu...

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