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We got to go home around 4 yesterday, when the coin moved into Anand's stomach. Now we're just waiting for it to pass naturally, but he should be fine. The two hours of weeding this morning were a...
He's fine, but Anand swallowed a quarter while I was at work. He told Kevin, and Kev took him to the emergency room. I met them a few hours later, and they've now transferred me and Anand to Rush (nea... (2 comments)
I am excited for the second day of teaching! But I also woke up a bunch last night, and it's grey and cloudy out, so I am sleepy and want a nap! Teaching! Nap! Teaching! Nap! This is the inside ... (1 comment)
Cancer log 117: All I've done is putter around the house, and I'm ready to go to bed at 3 p.m. Jeez. I put my Fitbit back on today -- I took it off five months ago, when I started treatment. I fig...
Exceedingly delighted to note that my promotion has been approved, and I am now Clinical Associate Professor in the Department of English and in the Program in Asian American Studies. It's been a long... (1 comment)

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