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Forsythia (they're new, so had been all tied up in a bundle; they'll arch more after a bit, I think). The scilla in the backyard are a stretch of about 2' x 8' through the grass, which I love -- now I...
My First Jury Duty 1. As a still-new-ish citizen of these United States, I am, at age forty-two, being called up to jury duty for the first time. I am oddly excited by the whole prospect. The fac...
Forsythia in the ground, just before dusk. Triumph! It is too dark to take photos for you yet, but tomorrow, you will see how lovely the golden blooms are, silhouetted against the deep blue of the gar...
I have confirmed that I do, in fact, have jury duty tomorrow. My first! Excited. Am looking over the guidelines, and am thankful to see that jurors are exempt from the court's electronic device ban. W... (2 comments)
This weekend in Chicago, I'll be on this C2E2 panel: Opening the Clubhouse Doors: Creating More Inclusive Geek Communities Date: Friday, April 25 Time: 6:30-7:30pm Location: S401CD As visibil...

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