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On the playground after Irish dance class. Kavi is so proud that she's strong enough to pick up her little brother -- she wants to do it all the time. :-) ...
Plan for today: kids to school, one Castle + knitting, and then alternating (computer) paperwork with grading with cleaning for the rest of the day. I may give myself half an hour at lunchtime to re...
My garden is really confused at the moment. I was basically absent for the last week, so no water has parched things a bit. The high of 85 today didn't help, esp. when combined with lows in the 50s. T...
Kavi just begged to delay bath time because she really really wanted to read her library book -- AFTER doing her 20 minutes of homework reading. Milestone. :-) :-) :-) Am hopeful that she won't be a...
Mary Anne update, post-Kriti Festival. I have caught up on my teaching, yay. The house is 4/5 clean -- aiming for clean by tomorrow. I have a massive pile of grading, and a really long and ...

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