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Kavi's supposed to do 20 minutes of reading daily as part of her homework, and she's still finding it somewhat challenging -- it's work, not pure pleasure. Hopefully that'll change soon. But for now, ...
Long day ahead, but I stole a few minutes this morning for tea and a row of knitting. If you stare hard, and flip it upside down, you might be able to make out the top of an owl head. Of course, if yo...
Have a ridiculous amount to do today, but in theory, enough time to do it all. If I don't fritter. So in pursuit of not-frittering, I am making an hourly schedule: 3 a.m. -- wake up for no good rea...
The four children invited Kevin up to the playroom for a puppet show. Apparently, the play focused on a three-way, three-species marriage, until one of them found a tornado gun and shot them all. Kavy...
Very broken sleep last night, sigh -- first my own insomnia and cough, then Anand's cough. Trying to be productive today anyway. Spent the sleepy morning first knitting, then sorting kids' clothes f... (1 comment)

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