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I have just figured something out. My students are inordinately fond of paragraphing. They want to do a new paragraph every three sentences or so. I was writing comments on a paper, and realized th...
For those whose kids don't fall asleep easily, may I just say that all of the folks who told me to try audiobooks were COMPLETELY RIGHT. It's been a week now, and every night that Anand's book-playing...
Official school pic for 2014, 7 years old, 2nd grade. I wonder whether it was her choice or the photographer's, not to have her smiling wider. She's generally quite a smiley child. :-) ...
I've had the Fitbit Flex for a few weeks now, and I meant to report back, so here goes. It hasn't done anything for me re: weight loss -- I've been walking a lot more (almost half again what I was do...
I'm thinking of starting a new photo series -- "Kavya reading, with beverages". Milk usually, but since today was the first cold day, she got hot chocolate for a treat. I think it's funny the position...

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