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At grandparents' last night, Kavi blew bubbles while Anand tried to pop them -- WHILE dancing and attacking. It was some sort of complicated dance-fight routine he invented. I should show him some cap...
WisCon Chronicles 9: Intersections and Alliances Aqueduct Press is seeking submissions that engage with WisCon 38 (2014) and its programming. (You need not have attended WisCon in order to submit ...
Arrived safe at Susan's house (Kevin's sister). Children mostly behaved on plane, and I actually got a thousand words written. Have now had snack, abandoned children to Kevin and sister and sister's h...
This video is probably only of interest to Kavya's relatives. It's not a great video, but Kavi memorized this song to sing at the camp talent show, so I snapped a quick video in the park before she we...
Gardening first, before it got too hot. Lots of planting -- my summer garden has been moderately bare, aside from the big hydrangea shrubs and roses, so this year, I'm putting in some summer perennia...

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