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Plan for today: Watch Castle, go to radiation, teach classes, do a half hour of paperwork in office, go to gym and swim (the last week has been a little sedentary with lots of sitting and grading, and...
Carmen Machado​ is the winner of the 2015 Diverse Writers and Diverse Worlds Grants From the Speculative Literature Foundation Fiction writer, critic and essayist Carmen Maria Machado has re...
Four papers to go. Here's the question -- I can do them in an hour....or I can procrastinate the rest of the day away, feeling guilty the whole time, and then do them either just before bed or early t...
Big set of papers tomorrow. Grade and cook, grade and cook. I think that's going to be my plan for getting through them -- every time I grade four papers (about an hour's worth of work, on average), I...
Cancer log 139: A couple of people have made comments along the way, somewhat startled, that I seem to be coasting through cancer. I hope I haven't given the impression that all of this is a walk in...

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