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Tomorrow morning I get on a plane and fly to New York, where I will do a quick meet-up with my agent, a slightly longer meal with my sister and brother-in-law....and will then dive into three solid da...
My workshop LOVED the new draft of the SF novel. I have to say, people, I was feeling really tense about it, because I worked super-hard on the revision, and I thought it was really good, hugely impro...
Cancer log 154: Anand's been having enough trouble with school (acting out, etc.) that we asked for a meeting with the support people. I can't remember who warned me that it might be a lot of people, ... (2 comments)
Cancer log 153: I promised that I would tell you guys about the Victoria's Secret trip, post-lumpectomy. It was weird, people. So as context, I'll note that I developed breasts at age 9, and they wer...
So, I mentioned to Kavi that I was leaving on Thursday to go to New York for a few days (Tremontaine planning session), and she got upset, which was surprising. She said I go on trips ALL THE TIME, a...

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