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Day after party report -- I wake to find that Kevin has done all the remaining dishes. I have found my prince charming. Plan for the morning: straighten up, moving slowly, while watching some more e... (1 comment)
Egg Hunt and Easter Tea I find this hilarious. A carrot made of carrots. God, I love Pinterest. Kat, being spring-y. I really ought to plant something in those planters. What likes light...
It is a challenge getting a nice Easter photo of the kids, because my son is silly. :-) ...
A little garden puttering. Hyacinths are starting to bloom -- that's a berries-and-cream mix in the pinks (with blue scilla behind), and I'm not sure of the name of the blue one -- possibly "Blue Jack...
Pleased to note that The Stars Change is a finalist for the Bisexual Book Awards, in the Speculative Fiction category. It's a new award, and there were, I feel I must note, not that many nominees. ... (1 comment)

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