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Cancer log 102: So, if you have a friend with cancer who loses his/her hair, if you can facilitate taking them for some retail therapy, it may well be cheering. I'm grateful that we can afford a littl...
Whew! That was an intense conversation -- ran through first my post-colonial class, then my science fiction class, with the two colleagues who'll be co-teaching it with me this fall. Fun, but also a...
Cancer log 101: There you go -- shaved head. Eep. It admit, I was putting it off, but the last few days, the rate of hair falling out has been accelerating, and my hair was starting to get really thin...
Delighted to note that I've sold a brief essay to Lightspeed Magazine, for their Queers Destroy Fantasy issue. It's titled "Eggplant and Unicorns," and is about first kisses, saintly intervention into...
I am totallly torn about what to do today. On the one hand, we put in a new veggie bed, finally, and I am excited to plant in it. But I went to two local nurseries yesterday, and they had basically ...

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