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Cancer log 128: So now I'm cured -- next step, stay cured. Everything from this point on is optional, but there's optional, and then there's optional. When your radiation oncologist says that it's ...
Had trouble falling asleep last night, took NyQuil, conked out hard, woke up at 8:30 (as opposed to my usually 5-6 a.m. wake-up) -- to find a little plate next to my bed with a toasted mini-bagel spre...
Half a class of papers left to grade, along with some quizzes, etc., so, of course, I am DEEP in procrastination-land. And I have so many tempting options -- Ancillary Mercy just arrived at my doorst...
Dishwasher appears to be broken, sigh. Kevin has attempted a couple of fixes, with no luck. We'll see what the professionals can do. In the meantime, mommy has done all the dishes by hand and has a cl... (1 comment)
I *cannot* seem to stop petting the top of my head, people. It is soft, soft like a fawn, or at least like my imagination of what a fawn must feel like. Soft like a duckling, or possibly a kitten. If ... (1 comment)

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