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August 1 -- 10:39 AM

The dahlias started coming out in force while I was away. On the first photo, note the tiny ladybug on the budding bloom. I'm so glad I planted several dahlias this year, though I can't remember what half of them are. They should bloom from now through October. Possibly November. :-)

This first beauty is agapanthus, I think? I'm pretty sure I planted it last year, but don't remember if it ever bloomed. I saw a ton of it in California, although mostly in a different shade of blue. It's right up against a dahlia -- they're crowding each other, but it seems risky to try to move either one right now. Hmm….

The tall phlox is very happy right now -- white, pale pink, dark pink. Drought-resistant and brightly colorful. Summer beauty allium also has survived the heat pretty well, seen here against a background of happy Russian sage. Everything is either overgrown or a bit parched right now, but a few days of care should set that right again.

Butterfly bush is going strong. The last few tiny roses (John Cabot, Darlow's Enigma). Morning glory continues to give one bloom at a time, which can be a bit frustrating, but better than none. Monarda is almost done, I think, but a few last odd-shaped blooms here and there. And that's it for what's blooming in my garden right now, aside from all the hydrangeas, which are a bit water-parched. I'll keep tending them, and they may be ready for their photo shoot tomorrow. :-)

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August 1 -- 8:08 AM

Sleepy, slow day. The kids are still on California time (still sleeping), and so far all I've managed is leftover vindaloo and naan, mango lassi and tea. Which is a lovely way to wake up. Heading out to check on the yard, take some morning flower photos. Main goals for the day -- spend a few hours catching up on mail, e-mail, and phone messages. Unpack and straighten up. Grocery run. Dinner with Kat and the kids. Not a very ambitious plan, but mine own. :-)

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July 31 -- 8:30 AM

Somehow, I never posted these. Oops. Flashback!

4th of July, 2014

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July 31 -- 12:21 AM

Should be sleepy (and sleeping), but oddly not. Another Voyager and some knitting will hopefully do it. Just watched "The Gift," and actually got a bit teary. (Episode where Kes leaves and 7 of 9 joins the crew.) Could also write, but the things I write when I'm half-asleep are pretty incoherent.

I wrote the next scene in the novel this morning -- only 800 words, but an action scene I was nervous about writing, so I am patting myself on the back for that. Hey, how long, very roughly, might you apply pressure to a brute force head wound before the bleeding stopped? Is ten minutes at all plausible? It could be longer, but I'd prefer it not to be too much longer.

"Maya washed her hands, mechanically, soaping them over and over, trying to get the last little bits of blood out from under her fingernails. Blood had spattered the white dress while she worked, ruining the delicate embroidery and beadwork."

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July 30 -- 11:36 PM

A few last California pics -- we go home tomorrow. Bird, child. All-American outfit at similar-decor diner amused me. Anand with cousin Maya, in the midst of an epic pretend game.

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