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November 26 -- 4:24 PM

Monologue with Iron,
the Day Before Thanksgiving

Iron: Oh! Hey! You're plugging me in, and turning me on, and giving me water -- sweet, sweet water. It's been so dry and dusty up on that shelf; I was parched. And whoa, a tablecloth? That's a real commitment. A tablecloth takes time. It takes patience, and care, and being willing to deal with the fiddly bits in the middle. What's this? Two of them? Three? Four? Gosh! That's quite a party you're having. And runners too? I LOVE doing runners. Swooping down them, fast and sweet. You can really see my skill on a runner. What's next? Napkins? SO MANY NAPKINS. Wow. I thought you didn't love me. I thought you didn't care for me at all. But now I can see that you really appreciate me. You understand my true worth. This is the start of a beautiful relationship. You and me, together forever. Tomorrow, maybe you could iron a few shirts? Hey. Hey. You've turned me off. You're putting back up on that high shelf, the one you can't reach without a step stool. You don't want to leave me alone up there, baby. It's so cold up there. So lonely. It's been three hundred and sixty-five days since the last time you touched me. I don't know if I can take that again. Hey. Hey. Don't walk away. Please...

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November 25 -- 9:27 AM

Heading off to teach. First John Chu, Ted Chiang, Alice Sola Kim. Then Crane, Bierce, Dreiser, Chopin. Feeling grateful for thoughtful, nuanced, angry, precise writing today.

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November 24 -- 8:50 PM

I have come to the realization that a woman and a mother should NOT re-read Kate Chopin's The Awakening the week of Thanksgiving.

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November 24 -- 2:31 PM

Writing day. Had lunch with Valya, Mary Robinette, Julie, Kat, and new writer friend Amanda, with wine and curry and sweets and fruit and good conversation. Now writing with tea. Tippy-tippy-typing away. One scene down; should be able to squeeze out one more before Kavya comes home from school.

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November 24 -- 8:07 AM

I have friends coming for writing and lunch today, so I ought to be cooking. But the weather is mild now, and will be dropping rapidly over the course of the day -- I have about a two hour window before it gets chilly out. So I'm going to delay cooking so I can both finish packing up the dahlias and yes, get a few more bulbs in the ground. I know, it's ridiculously late to be planting bulbs, but hey, if I have one more warm hour to squeeze in a few more, you know I'll be happy for it in spring. Going to try anemones, which I haven't planted before; we'll see how they go!

I know -- Smith and Hawken make beautifully-designed (and functional) garden objects. They're only in Target stores right now, I think, but if the economy improves, maybe they'll get to open their stores again.

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