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October 21 -- 9:30 PM

I have finally figured out why so many grandmas knit so many baby thingies. It's not because the babies are cute (though they undoubtedly are). It's not because the items themselves are cute (though generally ditto). It's because they are FAST. Talk about instant gratification! This particular item, I cast on four days ago, and now it's finished and blocking, cables and all. I mean, that's just nuts. That means I could easily knit, oh, 52 baby items a year, and still have a hundred or so knitting-free days. Though why you'd want knitting-free days, I don't know. Baby things. Who knew?

(Yes, I know, basically everyone knew this, because it is completely obvious, even to those who have never picked up a needle in their life. Hush.)

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October 20 -- 1:14 PM

My contributor copies of Chicks Dig Gaming have arrived! Ironic timing for this book's release, considering ‪#‎gamer gate‬.

"I am twelve years old in 1983, playing Wizardry obsessively on my first computer, a Mac IIe, I think. In my faded memory, there are minimal graphics – I think the game was in color, but I can’t swear to it. I am alone in my room for hours, taking comfort in this game. Frustrated with my immigrant parents, whose priorities are so different from my own. I have read countless books, but sometimes, those stories only arouse longings they cannot satisfy. Wizardry offers a dungeon to explore, gold and weapons to accumulate, monsters to slay. A sequence of small, measurable tasks, that can be accomplished and celebrated. A refuge…"

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October 20 -- 11:44 AM

Autumn photos. My house framed by yellow leaves, fall crocuses coming up, a glorious huge white dahlia.

The reward for raking leaves is taking photos afterwards. Fall crocus, opened. Toad lilies -- the leaves have gone quite brown, which is a shame, because the flowers are still gorgeous; I wonder whether it's because I didn't water them enough when I first put them in. Siskiyou disappeared for a while, but it's come back now with the splendid weather we've been having. This pale yellow dahlia is so not my color (it came as part of a mix), and I have lots of them, so will be giving them away this fall….but I may keep just one, because the way the petals curl so wildly remind me of an alien. This dahlia up against the fence ended up much more sprawling and thin-stemmed than the others; I'm curious whether it's due to the variety, or because it's planted in a notably shadier spot. Guess I'll find out next year, when I plant it somewhere else.

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October 19 -- 9:00 AM

About six (?) months ago, Kat gifted me these birdie decals from IKEA. It is a testament to how rarely my mudroom is clean enough to photograph that it has taken me this long to post pics of them. They are v. cheery.

Now, I just have to find something to plant in those little white planters (also from IKEA). Ideally, something that will a) trail down, and b) require almost no watering, as I forget to water the herbs I've tried there before, and then they die, and are sad. And cheap would be nice too, since I have seven pots -- otherwise, I'd be tempted to hunt for trailing orchids. Thoughts welcome.

The real trick will be to not let the space fill up with boxes waiting to be recycled again. Those are my nemesis.

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October 19 -- 7:41 AM

I am having local desi artists over for a potluck @ 1 today, and I'm just bewildered, because I am not frantically cooking. I mean, I'm going to make two quiches (one broccoli-cheddar, one green chili-onion), and some curried mushrooms, but if we're eating @ 1, I don't need to start that until 11:30. There are strawberries, but I can clean those while the quiches are baking, and Kevin baked homemade bread last night, but all I need to do for that is remember to take the butter out. Mimosas require no prep in advance, ditto tea.

How can I be having people over and not be frantically cooking? Something is *wrong* here. I am deeply suspicious of this whole 'potluck' notion.

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